Students Internship

Internship Activities 2018-19

The department in association with Praman Management Academy is conducting a survey on Branded Leggings in Vijayawada from January 2019 to March 2019. Eight I MBA students are involved in this survey. The survey report is to be submitted to the Academy which will be submitted to their client Sesha Sai Knittings Pvt Ltd. Vijayawada.
Students of II MBA and 1 Student of II MCom students have undergone for Internship for 4 weeks from 1st August to 31st August, 2018 to conduct survey on Market Perception about the Vijaya Bank among general public and received a stipend of Rs.1000 per week. List of students undergone Internship:
E. Deepika, Ch. Angel Tanya, V. Jahnavi, D. Varalakshmi, A. Naga Navya, P. Mounika, A. Sri Jyoti, P. Divya Harika, V.K. Sita, V. Aruna, K.V.N.P. Priyanka, M. Radhika, B. Deepthi, P. Ayesha.

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