Institute Industry Interaction

Industrial Tours/Visits
The students of  I & II M.B.A accompanied by five faculty members of the department went for INDUSTRIAL TOUR to Chennai for four days i.e. from 9th January 2017 to 12th January 2017 .  The following are the industries visited:

·         On 9th January, 2017 visited Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd, Chennai.
·         On 10th January, 2017 visited Integral Coach Factory, Chennai.
·         On 10th January, 2017 visited Coca cola Beverages Ltd, Chennai.
·         On 11th January, 2017 visited Modern Food Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Chennai   

2013- 2014

The Department of MBA had organized a 5 day Industrial tour for II MBA students to Visakhapatnam in the month of January from 8th to 11th 2014.The industries visited are as follows:
·        Sahuwala Cylinders Pvt Ltd. (MSI)
·        Harmony Foods (P) Ltd. (MSI)
·        VMS NIRMAN, (P) Ltd
·        HCCB Pvt Ltd
·        Coromandel International Ltd.

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