Institute Industry Interaction

The department  continuously interacts with various organizations of different industries in order to ensure that students learn not only from academics but from  corporates also  on various subjects being taught in the MBA programme.For this the department regularly arranges for guest lectures/workshops/seminars every year and ensures that these are delivered by people working in different fields  at different organization levels.

Some of the distinguished guests who addressed to our students are:
  • Ms.Yogitha, Corporate HR Trainer 
  • Mr.G.Sudharshan, NSIC,Hyderabad
  • Mr.J..Lakshmikanth,CEO,Winnerve,USA.
  • Mr.V.Santhosh Reddy,Executive - BSE.
  • Mr.Anil Kumar,Director,IGNITE FIT, Vijayawada.
  • Mr.Sree Tirumala,Co-founder,i-Digital,Vijayawada branch.
  • Mr.U.Ajay,Regional Manager,TCS-ION.


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